Angels are here, O my soul


When your small house
Overflows with joy of life
Angels return to greet your soul.
You tell yourself
The harvest will be fine
Crops will be kind;
My soul now sees the peaceful time.
You lighten the golden lamp
While outside is still dark
Light waves into your shade
Deep and magical
Repeat itself
All around you, in circles,
in songs.
The deadly fears calm down;
Between voices that rise and fall
You alone, favor none.

You learn how to mock
The length and breadth of the changing weather
And never be trapped
In movements of heavy storms!
You learn how to grow
Sweet magnolias and roses to bloom
On a same day;
How to rejoice and die
In a human shape
And yet greet your own soul
From day to day
Till the end of time
Your learning has no end.

You could always dream something else
Or get into fight with songs of nightingale
You could never escape from who you are;
Your heart is sealed by love
And there inside
Written destiny, your call
In large letters,
rich and powerful forces beyond
understanding of your mind
shape your walk through
dark gardens, silent deserts, mysterious forests.
Even, when you sleep walk
left all in white, your soul moves you
like a ship over stormy seas of life;
from edge to edge
the blade that unleash the passion of your soul,
harvest the beauty and love
like a yellow corns in wind
like white doves travelling into night.

Of all those stars
On the edge of night,
One vibrates
Like a bright silver hum
Around the moon,
It rejoices and dies
It overflows with joy of life
to greet the Spirit of light,
angels are here
O my soul.

~ Serena Devi, Jan 2013~