On the road to Eden


Someone’s playing the guitar
Countless numbers of
touches and moves
Between my heart and yours;
I have gone very far
Deep inside
stones and wind of nights
Where light thins to nothing
and darkness covers the plum trees.

We lean into the shadow
to steal a glance of each other
as moon slowly appears
with all her simplicity.

I taste your lips
Joy arrives without a sound
Like a graceful swan
approached by a knight of light.

After making love
My petals,
your fragrance
your wine,
my skin,
our bodies
bathe inside
the great sea of love,
as our soul sinks
in the passion of God
again and again
The fire takes us
to a placed called Eden.

On days like today,
We come back as a poem,
Or a drop of rain,
Or a sweet squeeze of desire
To be human again.

Other times,
We just listen
to the guitar player
on the edge of the chasm,
playing the song of our love
for travellers
on the road to Eden.

~ Serena Devi, 22nd July 2012~

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