From nowhere to Eternity


I came from nowhere
To here,
And love unconditional.

This love
Ended all resistance,
Sleepless nights
Wrestling with thoughts.

I came to here,
In front of the mirror
Silence is a free bird
Flying over boundless field of mind.
I became full of emptiness.

Awareness is my best friend,
Pushing me beyond the mind,
To the unconditional space,
The fertile womb
Mother of all possibilities.
The self in me ended in that space.

The smallest circle of my being
Started spinning, circling around beauty,
Entering in Now.
Free of fear,
Judgment, future plans,
Or expectation.

Love happened to me,
When I fell in Here,
Accident or plan
Made no difference in what I learnt.
Sensing the mystery unfolds its path
In each breath I take.

Leading me effortless
To somewhere.
Patiently, teaching me
How to behold the beauty of silence
How to dance in stillness,
How to get full and empty
Stay neutral in one place
How to move, unmoved.

I came from nowhere,
To Here,
Now is my only home.
Embracing my end
Begin in love.

I came from nowhere,
Going to somewhere.
This love,
In now,
Takes me to eternity.

© Serena Devi, November 2010