The land of silver pearls

The train crossed
The invisible borders
Where unshaped love
the fire
of unknown destiny.

Through the thin line
Of fog
Moving carriage
took the woman
to the land of silver pearls.

Birds, trees, harbor lights
The ocean beside her,
soared her to the highs
beyond hills and seagulls.
Where she met
Her tomorrows
Under the tent of night
In company of shining stars,

The Burnt candle in her heart,
covered her face in tears
To show her the invisible way
To meet
The beloved lips.

Under the golden gate bridge
Ocean flows
Wind hums
Her life time longings
To return to dust.

As the moon bends
To kiss her warm lips,
Tears falls from heaven
On her burnt heart,
Silent embraces
her broken clay.

The Beloved hawk came
his untamed desires
and conquered her soul
in his love
little by little
clouds moved her
their white royal carriage
to her eternal home.

The bell tolls
silent echoes
between gaps,
nightingale sings
the final love song.
As she reaches the gate,
The king
his welcoming arms.
She sighs
Ah, my beloved
“I am home.”
“I am finally arrived home.”

© Serena Devi, December 2011