Beloved **11

From my bended back
No one could see
The depth of you in my heart.
No one could understand
The reason of the empty accounts
And the fullness of heart.

I don’t know,
Why you kiss my lips
And push me back.

I don’t know,
Why you share
all the secrets,
Pull my hair hard.

I know,
I am returning to ashes,
This street
seems endless,
Full of dust,
The story of creation
Is written here.

Water, earth, air and fire,
The burning desire,
To circle in you.
Weightless, shapeless
Floating in fate,
Breathing in dark,
Melting ice,
Freeing the soul,
Moving out of all forms.

Your presence,
Is the fire
of my being,
burns all untrue,
Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.

I am soul,
Saying “Yes”
Fate, destiny or purpose,
Standing on earth,
Expanding in you.

Experiencing humanness,
Learning the truth,
Trusting love,
Waking up.

Earth is the only way
Disappearing in you.

My soul
walks on nothingness,
Creates beauty,
Dissolves more and more.

I will wake up in the dream
I have no death
I live on earth,
for all I am,
I am in paradise.

I am your body,
I am your heart,
I am your action,
I am You,
In motion.

Earth is my chance
To be one with you
disappear in you.

Go on,
pull my hair,
Slap my face,
if you must,
don’t ever leave me
You are the fullness
of my heart,
You are
my beloved.

© Serena Devi, December 2010

3 responses to “Beloved **11”

  1. Dear Ram… thank you for your wonderful energy and presence… I don’t feel the self… just space… you are a river full of wisdom… it is a blessing to have your friendship… love and all the best wishes Serena

  2. dear and divine serena.. fine poem .. 11 represents no one to know one….
    one mirrors one…. so is God…fills empty heart to fullness…
    when one wants also misses….also when one do not want..just be in present…God is all around ….


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