A note to readers

Eternal love. Copy right Serena Devi

My dear friends on wordpress, all over the world,

Deep gratitude to your likes, comments and loving presence in Estatic love blog, it has been a great joy and inispiration to share with you.

I am also so happy to inform you my new poetry book ETERNAL LOVE could now be purchased directly on Amazon.com.

To purchase and poreview please ckick HERE: ETERNAL LOVE

some comments from readers:

1- Eternal Love is a beautiful collection of poems in the genre of Hafiz and Rumi. Read-ing these poems is an invitation into the writer’s intimate evolution of love and passion. The reader will enjoy their own evolution as they move from literary observation through vicarious engagement to become one with the passion of these poetic lines. Then you have entered into the author’s heart, soul, and relationships of love.

2- Eternal Love moves us through Serena Devi’s spiritual experience of growing into the reflection of the divine source of love within her to find connection and completion. How many ways can a writer express her desire, passion and commitment to another? Those many ways offer us poetic, romantic, and deeply passionate lines written from the heart and soul of one who seems to express love itself. Enjoy this jour-ney with her, as you use this breathtaking expression to reflect on your own journey of love. Her journey comes full circle to reengage the divine within her, the Source of all Love

Thank you for being part of this amazing journey to love.

~ Serena Devi ~

2 responses to “A note to readers”

  1. Gratitude and blessings ….love all

  2. dear and divine ……. congratulations and wish you all the happiness ….. love all.

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