Lie beside my heart

Heart is burning since early dawn
I kissed my own palms hundred times;
what is this, this exhilarating madness of being in love;
change me into wind or raindrops
pour yourself out like a stream of passion
into my veins.
Soul is cheerful and heart in flames;
hold her completely in your torch
she must die in laments and praise the beginning of Soul,
no more water, I am thirsty for your fire,
let it beat against my neck
inside my blood… loving you is so deep…
I guess… I am in love with the voice inside…

be with this rose, few more nights…
no more comes and goes;
lie beside my heart, like a knife
or a seductive orchid;
reach my lips, before I change to ashes;
oh, my love… whose hands am I kissing…
where is she vanishing… the woman whom slept the world
and woke up in your arms?

~ Serena Devi, April 2013 ~