Dream of life

My heart blur with desire
climbs up from his tower
breathe loud in the room full of waiting;
oh my soul, be still,
you are soften around his summer night,
soothe the eternal that dwells in ruin of your heart,
beloved is with you;
hear his ocean of desires
rising through earth and shadows
whispers of his hunger; soft tempting plum…
My soul on the edge of eternal seduction
ah, his lips takes everything
satisfies your every need;
feed the passion of your beating pulse,
ah, my soul be still,
the heavy scent of your lover
is the fragrance of the garden of love.
The urge to be kissed
by rhythm of his tide
deeper into the ripple of my womb;
cry no more
o my soul, his love freed your heart
In forever joyful dream of life

~ Serena Devi, April 2013~

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