In Ecstasy

The space between us
the breathing of dark earth
ascended air
behind the moon’s white tent.
along the long grass
where the young night smiles
at the solitary dance of love
up through the passage of my heart,
where the blessed wounds
of seeking him
Something opens
in centre of my body
too much fire, too much desire
climbs up the hill of passion
connecting me with everything;
my heart is charmed
into exhilarated arriving,
moment by moment.
He kneels down into me
like a storm, shakes my leafs
breaks my hard bones
fills my hollow
with his jagged light.
I am emerging in twilight.
He makes love strongly
yet, it is,
his silence, that keeps me awake
in ecstasy and delight.
My mouth full of
the taste of his grapes
before and after
day and night.

~ Serena Devi ~