We become Gods

The flying birds, the clouds
the mountains
they know; how you climbed
on top of tower of my heart;
sat on majestic throne
became a king.

How suddenly
love started ticking inside
my time and space
like a dry whisper inside a rose
thirsty for water.
You made a city
inside the fragments
of my white breasts
pulsing with night and waxing moon
blooming in dreams.
I became a transparent soul.

The clock in me was ancient
like a Big Ben, it finally stopped.
I couldn’t dare to reveal
all my nakedness in one night,
so, you came back every night
a bit longer each time.

We watched the moon light
how it fell on the silent garden,
full of space for a new rhythm,
somewhere far
water fell in thin drops
on thirsty soil of earth;
wind blew inside the secret cave.

Waterfalls, portals of light
connected your freedom
to my love.

You crossed over
with your dark hunger
to touch my vulnerability
your lips moved on my throat
your left marks
on my white skin.

You entered inside me,
deep and hard,
still inside me.
Still my voice trembles with wanting;
every touch brings me into ecstasy
I am exposed,
oh, my naked soul.

My belly is full of your seeds
my mouth delightful
with your sweet taste.
You pour wine
on my white flesh
and drink from wetness
of my soul.

I hear
the last whispers of the shadow;
this love making; our togetherness,
dissolves everything.
Fears are gone,
love is everything.

Fluid in me falls
drop after drop
on forests, on meadows,
on soul mate swans,
on your silent cathedral.
I am exploded
in orchids
my scent is full of sexuality
inside the lotus of your love.

My heart pounds fast
the unworthy dust turned
into shimmering sun,
as your passion lifts me up
closer to heaven.
Just one more thing is left
for love,
to fasten us together
for you to wash my lips
with your earthy tears.

Appear beside my flesh
kneel together
on sacred soil of love
and offer your heart

Night falls, rain falls
we make love, burn all night long,
our twin flames rise
vanish in measureless joy,
the mist takes us away from eyes.

Heaven smiles
and love’s bell tolls;
eras after us.
We became Gods.

Serena Devi