The strings of my heart
Trembles under your finger tips touch
The secret melody between us; is life.
Words of rain and silence
Small share of happiness; everything is gone.
Now; my flesh and your song;
Soft kind feminine; all unlived part of me
In the centre of ache; longs for the eternal
For a brief intimate moment
With your tender eyes.

I see you, in stars,
I hear you, in passing winds
But inside me is frozen in time;
This ageless hunger
The gravity of waiting
To taste the earth between your arms
To love myself with your lips;
I whirl around my frozen body
and love draw out of my breasts
into red flames.
Stop this madness, I say to my heart;
My eyes are blurred by wanting you
Between this frozen body and burning desires
There is land beyond this land that I want;
It is called paradise
With gardens full of peach trees and happy children;
A place of seduction;
to live and breathe naked
with no guilt or shame to love
and be loved by Gods.
Inside this dream, I hear the beating heart of sky
I see magical leaves in dance; in ecstasy
making love with your immortal breeze.
I am here; inside this dream, in this paradise
the soundless music of my eternal being
with all I feel and desire in this feminine skin of my body
the urge to give in to your river, like a still stone
move my flesh under your weight and just feel deeper
my inner world, my deepest and longest desire for life;
I scream in the dark silence; with all of my faith, my heath and passion
my beloved soul, my creator,
inside nothing is left, except flames,
that is how; one dies and one lives.
Passing through fire, love, pain and sorrows
Stone, water, air and fire
One paradise begins; old land disappears.
In this infinite hour
I return to abyss of my soul, one last time
Inside my own darkness;
I hear the breathing of love;
The orgasm of my own heart, over and over
In your eternal flames.

The virgin night ends
behind the valleys of light;
imagine the eyes of the beloved
forever falling softly in their love;
orgasm or twilight
my heart could never live without.

~ Serena Devi ~