My lover


So many lovers,
So many sleepless nights
chanting prayers of longing and desire
between white sheets of intimacy,
sweet taste of touches and flames
be wildered by wine and music of love
and yet heart was holding his dream, more lucid and alive
than reality of all the earthy lovers.
he voice of life runs through my blood streams
Endless thirst to drink from his lips
To melt; soft, naked and speechless under the stars
Full of crumbling desire to be the woman he wants;
The burning core of my soul trembles in surrendering to his love.

Another smile and my body will break into floating waves;
So many lovers and yet my heart stayed unvisited by true love
Until my soul met the death of many worlds within;
Inside stillness of birth; came the madness of his love;
Before the day break, his passion touched my trembling rose;
Sigh and long; greeted my lover with joyous cry.

Do not speak of love or those passionate nights between anonymous arms;
I have found the eternal lover; every night he drinks my wine
and kiss my flower.
He alone loves me as beauty that never fails;
I alone love myself as my other part dwells inside my heart
Guiding my flames into sky.
the fruit of our lovemaking is life as a dream of enchanting beauty
between our breathes.
My lover lies in bed of my soul.
The first and last of my breaths
end in his lips.
he alone loves me unconditional.

~ Serena Devi ~

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