Between hands of time


Between hands of time
a traveler makes small plans.
What seems closer than feelings and thoughts;
flee into open space of heart.

To be human means
Look through the soft variable edge of light
land on silent gaps of a song; invisible to your eyes.

The heart confused of doing nothing,
helplessly circles around the future sky
ending her small wishes into greater plans.

To travel between two worlds
There is an untouched and secret moment,
Inviting you; in which you awake;
to breathe closer to sound of earth.

You remember;
The wounds that burnt like a sun
The pain and joy that carved and transformed your clay;
the bitter taste of wasted dreams has turned to delicious mature wine.
A golden vineyard beyond the scope of your plans!

Between hands of time
Can you imagine a new life for yourself
away from white fences and wild cats.

Who knows how far a traveler walks
To embrace the path,
Find the lost courage, drink the Gods wine
Cry; in happiness
Who knows; what you choose to invite into your life;
to give away, to become.

The path belongs to the traveler;
The meet the heart in present;
And walk fully awake on earth.

Wherever you are, you have been before
The urgency that moves you forward or keep you still
The tides, the sound of ocean inside;
Everything is you.

Between hands of time;
love, wind, fairy tale;
day and night;
one stay, one disappear.
what you see, do you believe?
but remember
What you believe, you shall live!

4 responses to “Between hands of time”

  1. Welcome and thank you for your comment dear Steve. life is ever changing journey to oneness…. much love and blessings

  2. This puts me in a different place … interesting … deciding, choosing, waiting, deciding …

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