The windmill of love


Love bursts inside;
plants a crystal tree between waves of my breath
releases me from dust of my flesh
into a divine music.

It burns my heart
with the untamed heath of passion
my desires turning round in circles
what am I looking for?
Someone is hidden inside my breath.
I am tied to curl of his hair,
To green emerald of his eyes,
With his hands, he filled me
With ecstatic wine and
crushed my rose petals with his sensual aroma
Ah, his magical lips captured my soul.
Deep in my heart
blood flows out like a vast river
flames never sets
fiery like a eternal dragon.
My lips are soaring
Under hunger of his kisses,
my skin is bare and pierced by his silver moon
O love, I have left with no secret
my heart races louder
than the sound of thunderstorms;
my white valleys are surrendered to his arrows.
Nothing is left to be understood;
his love made a perfect cup from my heart;
my soul travels to eternity
on wingless song of forever longing
round and round
Over every rock, every tree
every star;
love falls in my heart to his
like a rain drops
on the red path to beauty of life;
and begin a new journey
Into music of my soul
Under his playful fingertips.
like a scent of a woman
touched at the edge of the
desire by her true twinsoul.

Lifetimes yearnings to be met
in joy,
in touch of our lips beside one another
in a soundless kiss;
love burst inside
and fill the air
Between our breaths
Our fate could not be known by mind
Listen to flutter of our heart
The transparent smile.

When I see his face
I shut my eyes and surrender
To invisible waves rising from depth of my soul
The beginning and the end of my breath in his

I begin;
silent tears from my eyes
I end;
a sigh on his lips;
the infinite touch
opens a thousand doors
Fire of blood
Turns everything into the wedding feast;

O, love
I have kneeled before your beauty
In fire and blood;
My beloved and I
Have melted in each other;
Flow everywhere
From nest of our silence;
Round and round
My heart and his breath
the windmill of love.

~ Serena Devi ,22 Dec 2012~

2 responses to “The windmill of love”

  1. thanks Rob… all the best

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