A wedding date


Winter is here;
when fire becomes the best friend
and love simply winkles
beneath snow flakes.

From where I enter the world
And earth breathing transforms my heart
Into a forest, under unmoved shiny stars,
I journey one more round, around the sun.

I wrote our last love letter on the Christmas day;
Roots of time stopped
sadness swallowed the dark sounds of heart
without your silence, how could I know
the translation of my feelings.

We discovered the seasons together;
Inside unsettled clouds,
When railways sleep on soundless ground;
A single dove could change the direction of wind
My heart feels lonely without your love
But I needed to end the waiting; the repeated stories in my mind;
I am returning to happiness within
Entering to the forest, finding a soft fertile corner
To plant my new roots, spring is on its way;
I looked everywhere for my feathers to cover myself
From this vulnerable sense that peels my heart
Layer by layer.

Winter is here; yet I am arriving to spring of my soul
Where pines, frozen lakes and travelling larks respect
The silence.

I don’t remember a day goes by without me thinking of your love;
My mouth gets full of taste of honey and sweetness of your lips;
And a pleasure of your arms, around my waist.
I wrote in the last letter; “ you won the war “
My heart is defeated by your silence, I let you go
And die one more time; into a new season of my heart.

When will you wake up to that knowing inside your heart;
Washing your face, reading the hundred s love letters more;

All in order of time, in waiting room of your feelings.

Winter is here and my eyes seek a new face of love;
To recognize my own colors, new songs to write;
We passed each other; many years ago,
Addiction to love; seems a right title for the summary
Of my poetry book.
Inside the forest, snow is everywhere,
I stood there naked while a young hunter merged with fire and
Frozen leaves; my heart died soundless outside of destiny,
Your silence ended my faith,
but not my love.

Beneath the time railways,
When you build new relationships
Between paper, coffee and smile;
When you sleep on your bed
Listening to the empty place that once held my scent and touch;
Your thinking will no longer save you
From what hurts inside;
I did fight for you, I bled and cried
I wanted you so bad, so impossible
Had no choice, but to let you go.
Our last moment together ended simple,
Like a short poem into the wind;
I chose love and the taste of almond orange cake;
I chose to be truthful to my heart,
So I sat alone all night
And witnessed how my heart shattered
and melted in sadness of our last winter;
I chased the fog, the whiteness of my dreams,
I stayed with your shade and lost the game;
That was the end of the greatest love affair of my life;
Winter is kind, makes pain impersonal, ending in full grace!

In spring, my soul will bloom to its glory and magnificent
I close my poetry book with a simple dot;
and begin sewing my wedding dress.

Winter’s flame is pure light, burns all untrue, give time to new birth,
Sunlight will win this spring, with a promise of true love.
When I am grown up and you are dead;
God’s silence will declare my wedding date.

Serena Devi, 24 Dec 2013

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  1. A lovely poem, thanks for visiting my blog, Rain-Chimes, http://drsmitasriwas280.wordpress.com/

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