” Embrace the adventure of being who you are. “

Serena Devi

The journey into your soul can begin with a poem, a song or a moment of silence, you may not realize it at the time but the sense stays with you and in time unfolds the path you have to take and return to yourself.

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Our programs are tailored to guide and assist you in your soul Journey; to reflect back a facet of a hologram that is your sacred life. Your intimate self/Soul is infinitely more than the fleeting glimpse that you may have experience during a prayer, meditation, or reading a book. Its power is connected to wholeness of Creation and it requires Silence and Contemplation as a means to continually attuning to the one clear voice that is present within your soul.

Soul Creative Journey programs clarify your interior world and help you to understand and access the map of your soul, to meet the holy blue print of your life purpose, to focus your Creative Force and Vibration and Empower yourself, to build your heart desires and above all experience life moment to moment where all possibilities surface, shape and manifest.

“Be a channel of Grace, trust the power of your soul and become the Designer of Your Happiness.”

For further information, please email: serenadevi@live.com

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