Forbidden love

Silence, I speak with you with closed lips,
Silence, I grow roots that moves the mystic night in me,
a fruit tree full of waiting
owns no seed, no fruit, just a house crying loud
to be soaked with water and joy.
Silence, come down from the throne of sky
from patience of earth,
break your cup against a rock
pull the body of my longing
into the fresh smell of wet grass
and wrap my human hunger with taste of
forbidden love.

End this poem in my heart,
and listen to eternal songs from my sealed lips
until my heart says “no more touch ”
and sky pours wine
over the naked rose of her flesh.

before lily reach out of the wilderness of night
and passionately make love with hundred universes
that weep for the bravery of a lover
whom have dared to meet God
after thousands silent nights,
what pours out
is a sweet taste of honey and mango of her soul.

Being with God, is the silent love making of morning sun rays
over the fresh flow of a stream
Running close to destiny of clouds, stars and haunted lovers
in forests of theirs hearts.

Serena Devi

5 responses to “Forbidden love”

  1. Thank You! Love and blessings!

  2. thanks Terry, grateful to your kindness.. please feel free to share any of my poems, if you like you can also join my facebook page… which I share prose, poetry, art and creative tips… We are here.. to share, grown and enjoy and it is an honor to know you and share this beautiful journey.

    love and blessings

  3. What lovely words. I am so pleased to have found you. I shared your work on my page The Terry Tree on Google + You have a few comments from people who were also touched. If you would like to view it I have posted a link for you below. Many blessings to you and I look forward to more of your eloquent use of words with spirit and the universe. With a smile in my heart yours truly, Geino

    You can find me here… ( the terry tree because my first name is Terry)

    Link to Serena Devi share:

  4. Thank you and also grateful to your kind and heartfelt reflection and sharing dear Geino, I feel humble; all there is; is the Spirit… your divine heart is beautiful and unlimited, my poem just opened a passage to that inner sacred presence…. enjoy


  5. Oh my goodness gracious, Holy wow. That was incredibly beautiful. As if you stepped out of your soul for a moment to receive what spirit and the universe could fulfill in you and returned to scribe what the tree in your temple remembered. I love this masterpiece. Thank you for sharing it with us on this earthly plain. Forever grateful.

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