….always be you and I


We shall always be you and I
On earth, on the edge of life inside my breath.
One of us lives inside, the other, the outsider,
Watches everything.
When we soul gazing
It is not easy to look into your eyes
And hold the reflection, the depth of dark abyss of my thirst
to renew my humanness
without a sense of belonging,
living in this forever dis-orientation with all
just to hold on your invisible image.

We shall always be you and I
One centre and thousands sparkling orbits of emotions.
It gets easier when my ship leans on waves of love,
Even when rocks broke its walls and it sank slowly in front of the tearful eyes of moon,
When I silently drown in ocean of feelings
I still know the north of my soul, the south of my yearnings
And the sacred twin-peak of our west.
I rather to die in each moment to every desire
and survive in hope of meeting the fire of your lips
on my sensitive skin of wanting.

Everything carries me to you,
Soundless and powerful,
I lift my arms and my roots cry painfully
No more stretch, no more re-rooting and planting.
I press my life to hard edge of your dream,
In circle of seagulls, I let go of my grasping
And fall into a new moment
With whatever that waits for me.
If earth is not my home,
If you are not my destiny,
Why tears, why the aching heart,
How this passion never sleeps.

Show me, the other side of my existence
I no longer can stand the stormy seas,
Without a promise of the new land,
a shore close to your beating heart.

Each day, each hour,
Your aroma touches my lips
The hidden siren is awaken to the salty smell of your air,
the moments full of secret
take me into your arms
Without me leaving this stone.

Your eyes cut through my heart,
and your silence kills my human hopes and dreams.
I have become a black ocean, uncertain of my own tides,
Full of sleepless stars and words.

The root of beauty has pierced my soul,
And the marvel of passion has carved
thousands lines on palms of my heart.

Ending is close, the wounds are bare
And my soul is fertile.
It is just “You” left, the hums of my eternal longing.

Inside me, borders are disappearing in mist of love,
From a place deep within, a God is rising in a shape of a man,
With a perfect lips, stroking on my skin,
Aroused and satisfied, I wonder in circling feelings of his passion,
It shall always be you and I,
In surrendering to the beauty of making love.

Now, breathing seems easier, I can let go
And not be afraid of loneliness of my roots,
to belong.
Now, I can continue my travel
without knowing my destination.

My body,
My faith, my thirst or your perfect lips,
The illusion of time and space, I leave them all here,
and delve deeper, beneath my emotions and dreams,
deeper than ever before.
We shall always be “You” and “I”.
We shall always be love.

Serena Devi, July 2014, Brighton, England

4 responses to “….always be you and I”

  1. Very Beautiful! I loved it!

  2. paulinebattell

    Reblogged this on | Pauline Battell | Star Seed | Lightarian Rays Master-Practitioner | Spiritual Channeller | and commented:
    …always be you and I ~ Serena Devi @ Ecstatic Love

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