Heart of love



You wait inside this empty space as the whole creation echoes the sound of your beating heart. Part of you still seek a new place to discover, to land, to build and share and some other parts, keep listening, observing, let all unsettled thoughts rise, you even get emotional, the throat aches for a small bite on juice of hope, understanding of all happening within your chest, your heart.

Living a life without a gravity, looking within and at the same time wonder in gaze of another, look into those clear blue eyes, not knowing how did you arrived here, in that sacred place in your heart again, to let love washes everything with her flow, to accept another, in sameness of your own breath. While part of you wants to just fall into their arms and feel alive and connected, with life, with love, with oneness in all.

It is you, always you in forever journey over your heart’s mountains, meadows and seas. Into unknown places of soul, lost senses of belonging, letting tides move you closer to shore of contentment and peace.

Into eyes of another, we bless and taste our own soul, the secret presence behind all inner dialogues. When love burns and teaches you how to let go of what no longer serves the awakening.

There are times, the spasms grasp your heart, between inhale and exhale, it dies and reborn. Always this shocking truth that comes back and sit on your chest like an arrow, you see your own blood, ache and afterward the understanding a long unhealthy and abusive pattern of words, actions and emotions. How, over and over, soul brings you happening, to teach you maturity, self –worth and forgiveness.

I chose to live a transparent life and like any other thing that comes with a price, not all of my sharing, wisdom or even love, unfolds without a pain and bleeding of my heart. Yet, I choose to be committed to every breath and challenge myself and my shadow, because this is intimacy, this is making love and acceptance. The story is never about the other, the encounter, the man and woman and allowing the experiences change you to something/someone different moment to moment. Living in love means to live in paradox, open up to pain and cure and never be sure how tomorrow unfolds.

When you love, you open your life to another, your eyes become a gateway to meet your soul, a gentle touch, a nice appreciation, a sacred sharing, what makes life worth living, is to love another and respect them and their feelings. A heart is the house of beauty, the undiscovered yearning to offer your heart and not be afraid of what might come next, could be broken, abused, ignored and neglected by others, but the journey is never about the world, it is how you willingly, passionately and sincerely are intimate with yourself, how you make love and honor another only speaks of your inner love to self, to soul.


It took me thousands of nights, struggle, cry, agony and loneliness to become awaken to my inner sabotage, lack of worth, and today after another brief encounter with my shadow, I finally arrived to liberation, my existence is sacred, beautiful and loving, over blue color of someone else’s eyes, in might come to seem important, how vulnerable heart become, with each breath is an open invitation for life to touch life, how forgiving she must become when ego of the world scratches her rose petals, she cries in silence , washes her despair in sea of love….and let go of the outcome, only more self-love, nurturing, honoring and accepting …. when everything dissolves in surrendering to what it is, we become a pure empty space for love to resides, free, powerful and sacred. Don’t be afraid to love and speak of it, the world breaks your heart, over and over, at the end, between the broken walls and ashes, you will meet your own rose, and that worth all pain and suffering and no one can take or break it, you become Eternal, you become timeless. You arrive home, let the world breaks your heart, and let the light in.

Serena Devi, Sept 2014, Brighton .UK