Open sky



Inside the vast blue sky, life moves effortlessly. The open space welcomes everything. Every morning, with seagulls cry and the sound of the beating heart, life invites you to meet your soul, in all reflections, all comes and goes, all silent conversations across a road, while someone sips on his coffee and the other one just observes the beauty of acceptance, love, and let go…all experiences are welcome when heart only knows loving… even when it breaks.. still is loving…and pain comes, then a friendly smile and surrendering deeper to tides of life, knowing; not knowing is OK. In this aloneness, we walk, we share and exchange glances and mystery unfolds…
We open to oneness, and breeze touches threads of your destiny, gently and sometimes even with storm of passion… you let it all come.. because at the end of all experiences, you have opened your life to life and that is the most sacred offering we can give and share.. till we no longer do….
The journey is to freedom, for all livings… even when you hear the crack in your heart and someone doesn’t threat you as you deserve, you always know, it is your own doing… you learn and you move on… just don’t close your heart, don’t play safe, don’t build walls, let it flow.. let it hurt even.. no harm will come to such a heart that can stand naked, vulnerable and offer unconditional love…

that heart is entwined with eternal love, free, strong and gentle, soaring joy and ecstasy in forever dance of life.  This is pure beauty, the ache of longing creates and give birth to new experiences… Our human bodies, is just a place, for all happening, to witness, to choose and participate.. to love and let go.. and let a new day, a new blue canvas of sky.. opens news gates of your heart… keep loving whatever it is.. that will set you free of everything.

I love you ❤

Serena Devi