A letter to myself


What we seek, we become.

Over the last few years, many of us on earth, have faced major transformations within and also in our surrendering. If you look deeply and long to ocean waves, if you pass the sound, the foam, the movement, you leave the surface and you see the invisible tides, living our life is like looking deeper into the waves.

We are tired, feel uncertain and vulnerable most of the time, the storm took us in and we seek a new earth to land.

This is the story of many of us who chose to be awaken, to walk into the unknown and let go when is required. Now, this deep longing and urge to rest, to enjoy, to do what we love to do, to be who we really are, is the one song, the soul song that we all sing over and over in our fb posts, in words, in dreams, in hope, to experience the rebirth. We are waiting not just for 2012 to be the YEAR, but for us to be the ONE, consciously or unconscious, we want peace, end of struggle, we want freedom.

Journey to soul takes place in two phases, one is the road to the beloved, to meet the soul, to hear the heart and as we walk, life transforms, no one could tell if or how we will meet the beloved, it could take years or a lifetimes, but along the way we find our purpose and that is the turning point, we still continue to dissolve in love of divine, but we return to do the work we were born to do. That is the second phase, return to the earth, to serve the good of all. Both phases are full of challenges, lessons, no wonder it is called the evolution .

At this point, soul, mind and body must be aligned by feeling wholeness and oneness. Many of us, right now are standing in waiting rooms of life, all eager to begin, each soul is stretched in its own way beyond believe, love is the center of Universe, only in love we could stand so naked, alone and witness how the world, the people, the believes we had, have changed so rapidly that we can’t even recognize ourselves.

Since early this morning, my mind turned my life upside down, as I keep trying to begin my life and every attempt I make, I end up facing a wall. I am ready, I keep asking Divine, why I can’t begin the life I want to create. No logic could ever explain what one experience in relationship with God, in prayers and in silence.

One word came up, faith. I am nothing without faith and do not mistaken the faith with hope. Hope is our way to stay with our story; faith is our way to stay with divine’s way. And only with love we could fuel faith.

If I see my own life with mind’s eyes   the pain and sorrow of loss of my independency for over four years is enough to end my life, but I see life thru the eyes of heart, that shows me the greatness of my soul, the courage to stand alone on my ground and walk alone to meet my soul, to meet Beloved, to learn how to accept life as it is and work with what I have, even it is nothing much.

My heart is my faith and even in the face of uncertainty and vulnerability, I know, my being here has a meaning in a bigger plan of divine.

The tired part of me is mind and my heart and soul never gets tired in loving and trusting and knowing

I am living my truth, so do you.

So my friends, let be each other rock, let work and trust in God’s timing, however it comes.

Let see the tides beyond the waves,

Hold on your faith.