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A heart warming Divine poetry of love, to meet your twinsoul, to embrace your wholeness, intimate and sensual moments of sacred union within and with out. A gift to all lovers and beloveds.

Readers reviews

Awe for the Beloved’, ‘Eternal Love’, be it intended as divine (almost always…) poetry or not, has been at the core of the work of Persian poets from times ageless. Among them we find not the least: Rumi standing out among his peers, not only among Persian poets, but World wide and Hafiz as a second (or: first?) outstanding Persian poet acclaimed because of the deeper layers of his poems that demand careful reading and rereading to unearth their true meaning. Of him, Hafiz, I have a love poem collection at my bedside, ‘The Subject Tonight Is Love’, but on my night table resides also ‘Eternal Love’ by Serena Devi, as comparable excellent love poetry. Serena, born in England from Persian parents has as a ‘mystic poetess’ a superb quality – is it the Persian lineage? – to describe subjective love matter in a sparkling poetic language rich in metaphors, but never straying away far from ‘the subject for tonight’, personal longing, a craving for life enduring love. The book is like a well, spouting poem after poem freshly and seemingly ceaselessly; all through the book one senses the same love loaded intensity. I very much like it to pick a poem randomly from Eternal Love randomly – others might prefer to read it from beginning to end though… – and find myself then soon entangled in the purest love poetry, at moments surely akin to poetry from the great Persian poets from Rumi onward…