November 2014


November is the month of clarity and focus on your Divine destiny. Face your fears and trust all coming moments of change and let go. A massive possibilities are opening up to souls that are ready to embrace their light legacy.

For some of us, life was never about safety or comfort. We came to earth to fulfill divine’s will, as a messenger, a warrior or a healer and teacher. Whatever you have taken on, your soul carry your highest potential blue print, all you need to do ,is to fall in silence and surrender to your moments as they rise, let your essence pulse, its vibration will lead you to fulfill your life purpose.
It is time of a deep trust, as we are facing the end of 2014, many old patterns and behaviors are falling apart, it might appear as a distruction. It might feel being hanged in a middle of emptiness, no one to turn to, no where to land, you might feel lost and tired. This is just old energy leaving your body, open up to light and love, let your heart breaks over and over by shattering of your dreams and believes, you will come out of 2014, stronger and more pure and clear than ever. by the 16th December, you begin to arrive to new consciousness which moves you effortless to your mission and purpose on earth
Embrace everything and don’t hold on any belief and way of doing, practice inner silence and get less engaged with outer stories… all is well, heaven is landing on earth.
Be love