On love, UNION and Soul Mate Connection


Years pass and we wonder where we are heading, are we truly happy and fulfilled, is this joy, peace and love is totally free of dependency to outside world, could we go on without having a lover, home and security, could we truly stand as soul not knowing, just being.
When we truly stand as a soul and not a body, memories and relations, we see and know we are utterly alone and what seems real and tangible is just a fragment of our awareness appearing in form. Flowing and changing as our every moment attention moves from one subject / object to another.
Over the years, between what we think or want know and what will never be known by our mind, we begin to seek something deeper to feel connect with, if this is not the other person, or the event, or sky or even God, so what is it here that can give us a sense of purpose and meaning, we invented a word LOVE, for what we cannot see but deeply want to believe and associated with.
Love has become a symbol of all that is pure, beautiful, and happy and also we hope it is tangible. We romance one another, we give names to other (beloved, other half, twin flame). We sell online courses and products for Sacred Union, how to meet your true love, how to be more juicy and open in sexual activities. How to heal this and that, how to embrace the shadow and the list goes on and all on line … easy to access and become a master or a facilitator, just enroll and pay monthly….and then we give you a couple of weekend retreat and off you go… live happy ever after…
I used to believe all sort stories of success that people told and shared via books, Facebook, seminars, about how they met their Twin flame, their Beloved, while every day I witnessed, they introducing a new man or woman, a new upgraded Beloved. And they keep talking about Divine Union as they already figure this out!! Something in me needed to CHANGE.
I respected all journeys and sharing… however following without taking a moment to witness your own heart and inner voice, without evaluating your own believe system and experiences is a mistake, and sometimes the heartache is so intense and deep that there is no choice but to WAKE UP. So I did.
Over the last three years, I spent most of my time in solitude, listening to silence, to feel beyond my body and mind, and experience life within without words, relations and earthy mind rooted association.
In time I noticed, it seems there is no specific way to relate to LOVE and SOUL CONNECTION. What I was buying into has been a life time stories of expert Story Tellers which in fact are lost in their own seeker’s journey and it has been my own shortcoming to bombard my intelligent and consciousness with their suggested energy healing, womb empowerment, with well-groomed packaged ideas of what UNION must look like or feel like.
It took me quite a while to forgive myself for not taking responsibility for my view and vision and belief system. The energy that feels like a life, is HERE, without any definition, or relation to tangible world. You fall in HERE, with no shape, no name, and it doesn’t fit into box of LOVE either.
It is this aloneness that is like a sky which covers and continues. And we only see it blue or feel it as love because of what reflects back in our eyes, or in our hearts. This is Soul, eternal vibration of HERE, it is the easiest way to your happiness.
Wake up to what is here which is a forever white screen of possibilities in forever river of change and transformation from invisible to visible. We are living a dream of love, it is not about having or not having, it is about being a FREE BEING.
Begin 2015 with your Being, YOU ARE PERFECT.

Serena Seraphim