Beloved Lie beside me..


On the scars of old wounds,
I made a bed of roses,
soft, pure, open space of receiving..
Come and lie beside me
While joy melts the color of the petals
Love makes us one soul.
Free and mesmorizing.
It began with pain of daggers
It ended in taste of love’s nectur.
The warmth of your lips
On my wounded skin
Is an eternal promise
Never breaks,
Never ends.
Come and lie beside me,
Between crimson red of desires
And calming blue of sky
Having faith in our oneness.
Ah, beloved, wounds are a fairytale
Repeating the magic of flight
Over the rainbow
Of knowing and loving
Accepting and letting go.
Kissing is no longer a dream or a remedy,
It is an open invitation to feel myself,
To let life in
To touch the stars from the bed of roses
An invitation to be human again
And keep choosing better for myself, for you, for life.
Ah, I love your lips,
My scars are smiling
We are totality and perfection.
We are one.

Serena Seraphim