Fire of joy


Inside me, music moves mountains, leaves dance on floating clouds and love expands, gentle, silent and vulnerable.
My heart learnt many lessons inside the mysterious universe of my feminine petals. The deeper I travelled my heart, the lesser I spoke.
Now, I am here, in all beauty and secret of my human heart, as music plays and pull the strings, tears falling
Tears falling
And love reborn under moonlight of my feelings, my desires to embrace all of me. To create my pain and my joy
In this solitude, I lost all faces and names became without a noise and colors.
So, I heard silence.
So, I fell in love
With my own heart.
Gentle, sensual, sexual and erotic
Constantly whirling, drowning, melting, enjoying and burning
In intimacy and longing for more
Of God, of life,
Of myself.
I am burning to discover more of
Unknown, unmeasured and unlimited
Experiences of existence.
I am a rose, a song
A reflection of love
I am a dream
Never captured in words,
Soundless expansion of love
Inside love.
Ah, I am gone into music of colours,
Within my own heart.
No more longing, soundless burning
In fire of joy.

Serena Seraphim