Day 0


Day 0

Abundance comes only to those who already have it.

I began my heart journey many years ago, it was only a  while back that I found the courage to write  and share them with others. When I began this blog back in 2009, I wrote endless poems over few years and afterward on occasion.  between, I travelled globally, met people, experience different aspects of life and my own reflections.
Many new ways reborn through inner transformation. Writing on this blog was the only way I could make a sense of all happening. It began with falling in love with a man who resides in San Francisco, but shortly after I became a journey of a mystic in search of knowing without words. It truly was a painful process to learn things about my way of thinking and behaving which I wasn’t aware of. I was struggling in a passive unawareness for many years, fly on auto pilot and not listening to my true self. Some of my readers have been following this humble writer for years and witness, how I shed over and over under heat of Sun’s truth and became transparent. I published a poetry book Eternal Love in 2013 and although I still write poetry and have many unpublished ones, but life flow activate other gifts, I returned to painting and creativity full time. I began few businesses and they also evolved align to my personal growth. I
At the beginning of 2016, I decided to change the name of my blog to Diary of a mystic, it has been a while since I really sat and tapped into my feelings, to wait and let words rise and bring magic into life and beauty and sincere sharing. Today, I woke up knowing, it is the time, to open the windows and doors and let all that has been waiting beneath my feminine senses speak.
I am hoping to write daily from today, sharing some of my thoughts  (if any!), feelings, intuition and perhaps some of daily activities which are inspiring and positive. The sky is the beginning and I am feeling great to explore and taste more of life, more of myself and enjoy listening to sound of nature, friendships and melody from beyond.

I am abundant with ears that can hear, eyes which can see and a pen which is destined to write stories and tales of lovers, seekers of truth, I am abundant to beauty and silence, mystery and patience, I am blessed to be an adventures mystic, forever lover of creation.
Thank you for being part of my discoveries, creating and celebration of life, here, everywhere.

Join me on a new earth, the house of all happening, still or in action, we sour a life never been lived before.

Serena Devi