Sometimes we are saved by someone’s words, other times by pure silence. Not just because it brings peace and serenity, silence has a way to reflect back the minds noise and ego’s attempts to keep us in separation and chaos.
Meditation has been the best friend when those moment of disconnection rise, close your eyes and feel the life movements in your body and let all thoughts, emotions appear, disappear. Wash away by tranquility of fresh moment.
I have been crossing another desert for sometime now, alone,sun is peeling my skin, so many deep emotions surfacing, as a witness I Am all, as me, the woman, the body, mind and story, I feel so sorry for all pain and sorrow I have caused for myself. For sometime now, I have been avoiding to feel and hear my heart, creating has been wonderful, but also a place of doing that kept me safe and away of feelings.
After 23rd March, waves of eclipse shook my being upside down, wounds appeared and the nagging mind….
For the last few days, I have been sitting in silence and meditating extensively. Today, it opened up, burst in tears and joy of finally feeling the flow of emotions. Now, it settles, like water, find its level.
Now, I can hear my heart again, I can  accept where  I am and what needs to change and move from this stagnant and let flow breaks all solid in me.
Ah, I want to flow again, touch the softness of my hearts petals, kiss the warmth of love’s lips with hunger and passion to experience more of myself into the world.
I am going beyond another layer of “I”, where no mind reaches, only nakedness, vulnerability and not knowing could survive the heat of truth, which has been chanting my heart.
Today is a good day to change, to swim and accept here and trust universe
Today is a good day to forgive myself, love myself and stay hand in hand with myself.
Today is a brilliant day, to say I love you and “Surrender”.