Into the light


Sometimes when there is no way out, you must go in. To the centre of heart gravity, where clarity sees and speaks. On your way in, you might face darkness, pain, fear and rage, keep go on, observe, feel and pass.
You will know, when your breathing changes, the path within is no longer narrow and dark, you no longer afraid of your own thoughts and feelings. You hear the movement of life in your human’s vein, you feel the gentle touch of intimacy with all parts of You. Tears might fall, aches might squeeze your being, and yet the breeze of homecoming presses her lips on thirsty skin of your existence.
Ah, you are meeting deeper, hidden parts of yourself, this ache is love, this ache is freedom offering healing to your wounded, unloved, disfigured parts.
Stay there, in centre of chaos and noise, in centre of serenity and acceptance. Stay with totality of all experiences.
You die over and over, you reborn again and again.
One day, one moment open up to complete surrender to Life.
You die and disappear,  silence transforms  every drop of consciousness in hollow of your disappearance into the  light, into God.

Serena Devi