Fragile Rose


Life is a fragile rose,
Soft, pure, mysterious and beautiful.
It flow gently in our humans veins,
into green valleys of possibilities.
In her sacred ways, it blooms in blood of earth and heat of sky’s passion.

She bends, she stands, she murmurs between hands of wind,
She disappears in sigh of ocean embracing shores,
Ah, life is ache in my bones
Longing to reach out and be free.
My rose has been sitting
Outside of borders and storms
Inside the crystal cave of feelings
Not knowing what time brings,
Her petals are wet with tears,
Her lips, open, and hopeful
For the graciousness touch  of the mighty king.
Ah, life…beat faster, higher
Than any possible dream of mine,
My rose is disappearing in fragrance of solitude, years after years.

All roads ended in crystal palace of my feelings. How much love is gone and how much more are still here, inside my heart.
Ah, life
Touch me again, squeeze all of my being
This pain killed me over and over
And changed me million times
From day to night,
I died and reborn
Still waiting for harvest of my heart,
Give me who I am and silence will announce the homecoming of a queen.
Ah, life,
Kill me and let my heart
burst into thousands of traveling stars
Returning home.
I am just a fragile rose, dreaming my flight
Into forever fragrance of my feelings,
Never leaving, never arriving,
Forgetting everything,
In a sigh of joy
Meeting my shinning king
Before the next dawn.

I am just a fragile rose.

Serena Devi