Human relations


~On human relation

Are relationships magnify our beings or  in their reflections we arrive to our own essence?
We born into and from awakening journey, encountering edges of growth disguised in relations, humans, animals, earth and nature, all dreams within a moment of discovery.
How far we travel to meet ourselves? To cross lands of shadow and darkness which lies within and there is no other way to fulfill this mystery of existence except facing all reflections, at anytime and any form. Learn to stand so still and look into another, into the mirror, let the edges disappear as eyes no longer see the image of mind, but, just what it is.

We meet our minds in everything, music, art, children, friends, enemies, peace, war, superiority, minority. It is in connections we recognise we are not what we think or feel we are. That is the first lesson in waking up. It is as dreamy as it appears as real, this imaginary sense of “I”and “You”, is the effect of reflections, the world of mirrors. Stay still, follow what beats inside, its voice is steady, alive and specious. It invites only Truth, which has no meaning that mind could grasps, and yet it is full of knowing.
Treasure truthful connections, with sky and moon, with water and roses, with strangers and friends, with lovers and yourself. Treasure your moments, full and empty, that is all you ever know and experience.
And wake up, wake up gently, passionately, purely, joyfully….
Wake up …

© Serena Devi