Solitary Man

Would I be able to live

 with a broken heart, 

he asks?

The red rose smiled

 and pressed the edge of thorn

 closer to skin of her petals.

The way to freedom

 is through ache and blood, 

your broken heart 

is the entry of a true love, 

she said.
So many layers, 

walls, steel you are 

 using to  guard yourself, 

what are you holding in safe?

why are blocking the light?

My beloved, kiss the thorn

feel your broken heart,

Love is the only path, walk

she said.

the blood of love is lava, 

it burns and flows forward.

 It awakes all your senses,

 desires to be free again, 

to love fearless 

and never stop 

by jet black of solitary

 or blue edge of doubt 

before a new dawn, take a flight.
Love again and be loved again,

The journey within in a solo walkabout

The one on earth should be hand in hand, 

one pulse in two loving hearts. 

One love for all, 
He picked another olive, 

ache was gone.

He looked at the sky,

Saw a new light,

Smell of rose and jasmin, 

 scent of a new beloved,

magic lies in silent touch 

Of a two heart

Just before words arrive

And lips shape the first kiss.

Ah, his heart opens up

To love and be loved 

In each breath of life.
©Serena Devi, Now! 23rd Oct 2016