Love is our home

My love, 

we are wrapped

 with soft whisper of moonlight,

willing to risk our hearts to be

Intimate and exposed 

to ache of our ancestors bones and ground.

My love, 

In day light, we walk alone

hidden from dark

seeking reverence. 

Love me here, love me now,

Nobody know

what happens in the next moment.
My love, 

All roads are take us

to open lotus of our hearts,

At night, we make love

And dawn shows the real face 

of our intimate trust.

One more kiss

On marble of all uncertainties.

Life loves us,

I and You,

the two sides of one coin.

No more safeguarding,

Melt my heart, burn my soul.

I am here, I am now,

Love is our home.
Serena Devi