I sink in the river of love,

transformed in fluid joy.

Rain is gratitude of my heart

in repeated cycles of silence,

touching the sky.
The story of You and I,

Our every touch, night and day, 

Sings secretly 

the humming bird of eternal desire

to give and offer my womb, my heart

Aroused in ecstasy of coming home.

Ah, touch all empty places in me,

Let them bloom in passion of our love.

My beloved, songs go mute, my heart undressed and stars shinning more than ever,

This is our story, You and I,

There is no ending, don’t remember the start,

Keep moving your lips on my skin, I want you more than ever,

This seduction has a magic,

Pulsing in my body, raising my soul.

I love you in so many different ways,

Today, I love the touch of your fingertips,

Making ripples on river of wanting

Inside my womb.

Today, I make love with sun, sands and flying birds.

Today, I smile.

Today, my breath touches yours.
© Serena Devi