Love and Awakening

The dream of life is not what we imagine. It is simple, unformed and sacred.

We open our eyes, thinking and after 50 years having open eyes Only when we close it and stop thinking, we see the truth, we become the truth.

Love has an effect, unmeasured on our hearts, it is the most confused word, the most liberated.

Love is the innocent child of the dream of life. We all at some point, let her in., hopelessly asking her to stay forever.

The hunger to belong, to feel beyond mind’s understanding, to become a fool and mesmorised by  this innocent child of life! How deeply and secretly our human wounds are calling for her remedy and healing.

We want her, some of us, see her as a sexy woman in fishnet stocking and leather boots, some of us see her as a Goddess walking out of sea, naked and wet with shiny skin. Some sees her in smile of a mother holding her child, some in strength of a man muscles and some in the gentle line of his face.

Some close and some from distance, long for love, when we meet her once, our thirst increases. Love is the innocence of our own heart calling us home.It begins as a longing, yearning, a desire, to expand our solitary existence. We want to explore and  experience another. She has the magic, she puts spell on our hearts and stop our thinking. We gamble with our hearts and get so excited to dance under the rain, in golden fields, in a faraway forest. Something in us wants this touch, delightfully seduced by her fragrance and smile.

We love the lightness in our hearts after a long wild run into landscapes of our feelings. Life becomes easier, kinder and more intimate( even for humans with many walls around their hearts) by the touch of love.

The shell is broken, now, we know something that mind could not show or take away from us. It is presence which not discovered fully and perhaps never will. Love touches and  connects us to pure warm river of life, beyond the surface dream, beyond the autopsy table of mind.  We live in a world full of mirrors, full of measures.  The world that teach us how to break our own hearts than surrender to its voice.

We grow up in hunger and thirst for a shelter outside of our bodies, being accepted and loved. Be a part of something, a family, a community even a gang will be enough to give us a sense of belonging. We continue living in hunger not knowing what we are hungry for, where is the true food for such a deep hunger. Many of us, give up their inner inquiry along the way, they buy into any advertisement of all the things which are not satisfy their hungers, but like a salt water make them thirstier, to the day, the die into the dream, in move and crawl in pain and suffering. Self-inflected suffering and blaming life.

You look long into humans’ eyes and listen to their stories, you release the sameness of stories, the dream of life, the one we all need to wake up from.

The waking up is a mystery we are surrendering with, it is settled and quiet, we barely recognize its presence. We have lost our ways to simplicity, to meet the wondrous universe which wakes up everyday within us. That makes love more sacred, more innocent, as she comes to speak with our souls, as she rise from depth of not knowing and suddenly, the thirst is gone, the desert is disappeared. We are in the garden of joy, loving, dancing, feeling alive.

Love is easier to be recognized in polarity. In what we call relationship and was sold many fabrication, duplicated and fake products of it, all through life. It has become the most challenging part of our lives, to fall in love with other. We go advertising, join online dating, surf bars and nightclubs. We hope the next one will be better, more fulfilling. We forgot about love and chase becomes our object. Thirst people do not care what they drink as long as there is a momentary relief.

How far are we willing to travel to really meet our thirsts? That is the distant between pain and joy. That is the distant between mind and heart.

We are homeless orphans, hungry and thirsty walking on earth, while we are surrender with abundance, love, belonging and shelters. The path is easy, quiet and offers everything. We just need to close our eyes daily to what appears as the world. We need to listen deeper, to have enough patience and space, to hear our hearts. When we are in love, we listen and part of us wants it to continue and that is why, we want to fall in love with each other, so badly. Not because someone loving us, because our heart opens up, because we hear a different song. We no longer feel thirsty, hungry or alone. It is not because we have someone beside us, it is as simple as opening your eyes, open your heart.

Flowers wake up every day to life, to innocence. Sun and moon are naked truth of simplicity and openness. Spiritual ones say we are love, and love is Divine essence.

Perhaps, we let love be a mystery, the innocent child of life, dancing and inviting everything into the sacred, into the unknown which only unfolds in our hearts and no- where else.

Truth is sitting in the heart, surrender, to melodies, songs, silence, actions and use mind accordingly. When we realize this simple unfolding within, we are awaken. We are home.

Serena Devi