Love, the paradox


Awakening is not a book to  pick up and expect it will end or as we read and go through it, we have a clue of how the next page unfolds.  No matter what page we are on, as humans, very quick we realize the only thing makes sense is love. We write love poetry, we make movies, we sell products for showing/buying love. Our heart knows very well the sense of love. Love breaks, amends, inspires and bring us to our knees.

We run toward it, we run away from it, we love the heat. We burn in flames, not knowing where it takes us. Love has a magic and it could becomes the source of light and warmth. Also an agent of death and transformation.  We hear stories, life changing ones. Are they speaking of truth? Or fairy tales. What world seems more real?

Who can we trust? Where can we go? How we avoid more pain and aloneness? How we welcome the unknown?

We all have questions, some never could be answered. In the roots of our yearnings, we seek ourselves, a place to rest and belong. To be accepted. Love makes everything possible, also impossible.

Love is the paradox of human experience.

It emerges from within, the sound of its happening,

Where our human borders disappear in longing to be united, to be whole.

How much our hearts want to love, be loved. Be fully alive.

How dry life becomes without feeling love, feeling our inner landscapes?

Holding on love, give us a courage cross the mind’s desert of separation. One step at the time, we know our  pain, we know what joy is!

Imagine your life without borders, traffic signs, imagine flying without wings into a space feels like home.

We want answers, we are breathless with our trying to reach somewhere safe, where, we can feel like ourselves. We can stand naked and feel the sweet sense of our sensuality with life. We want intimacy and we also so afraid of let it in.

Life is an infinite invitation to this intimacy. We might call it God or divine. But that is the only truth, every human will ask, wonder and seek  at one point in their journey to awakening.

Fear and control have been elements of mind working in dark. Keeping us in this imaginary theatre with a white screen and an old projector, repeating a same movie over and over. While life happens outside of the laboratory of mind.

For a moment, close your eyes, open a window and feel.

Surrender to this moment, let the fresh air and breeze of life movements, touch  the  skin of your existence.

This is the sound of happening, soft and internal touch of grace. Rising in you.

What you feel is what creation sings.

Listen, listen to yourself.

Awakening is love touching you inside out.

“Come back to me, my flied lover. A bed roses and a sweet wine wait for you, in garden of heaven, we are fools, we are kings and queens.

We are wondrous happening. You are Infinite perfection, dropping in and out of universe.

Taste yourself with present’s lips.

Kissing life is your eternal home.”

Serena Devi