Awakening, Truth & social media


Life is so vast. Always offering a new space to expand. I walked most of my life questioning my role and purpose here on earth. It was a time I believed others know more than me, about me, for me, beyond me. Hardship and aloneness make heart strong and faith, unbreakable.

These days that our world is full of contradiction, pretenders of awakening and teachers of higher consciousness, I read everything with a bit of salt and time for reflection.

Today, I had an experience with a new published book by a facebook friend, whom I had few conversation with about awakening. He is called by his followers, an awaken teacher!

It is amazing when people call themselves awaken and then measure others to their own level, and only choose what suits their ears! It must be right then, some are teachers and others I guess must be  students. And all the new books on shelves talking of how my book is different, either by wisdom or love, I offer the fastest way to connect to your heart and be  fulfilled!

This new age use social media to offer you a simple mash potato that no one actually sees the potato and but know they are eating potato! And I find it extremely amusing when all you read is a long advertisement in a form of books, lectures or even actions somehow linked to love, unconditional love, eternal love. Man love, dog love…sex & relationship and yes.. now God is on the shelves too! Come to this retreat and find peace, join us here and we give you the most amazing space for self- reflection!

I do not think in entire history of human kind, TRUTH  has  been ever so disfigured and used as it is now. In garden of Divine, flowers never advertise their  fragrance. They fall into silence, into beauty, into sacredness. I wonder if by so much talk anyone  could get anywhere close to enlightenment.  Words are powerful and with using them comes responsibility.

We are on a soul journey, realizing or not, it is upon on humanity, but no teacher is required, as the purpose is to awaken to self, some of us might need a moment of reflection, shelter in another one’s presence. Sometimes ,we need clarity and silence and yes, some souls are chosen to offer that space, I call them, I call myself a facilitator and very careful with a word of spirituality and any claim I make in that relation.  

I believe some spiritual platforms are created for personal gains than offering a true companionship to seekers. And what makes it interesting, people follow any loud voice and these days, on many social media, facebook, Instagram, everyone promotes their brand and call it light.

I wonder if Jesus would have appeared now, anyone would have followed him! The gentle, kind, warm presence, walking soundless on earth, holding everyone in love. Not preaching that my book will lead you to freedom, not claiming I am a teacher, a healer, I am Son of God…

He spoke mainly of God and never of himself. Today, everyone including me, talking more of ourselves that the creator.  I started spending  less and less time on social media and in conversations. It sucks my energy.

I enjoy writing and my blog still a comfortable platform to share and reflect my daily self -realization by witnessing the highs and lows of my own observation of thoughts and feelings, of happenings.

I spent over 4 complete years in solitude and the only few sentences exchanged in a day. I stayed in a tiny room, in a dark city, in a dark country named Iran, to meet myself, to see what God is and who I am. I am still pondering in every second of a day in concluding that I have found my inner peace. I no longer suffer, I sometimes doubt of where I am going, as my life has been so unpredictable. Over nine years, 5 times I have been throw between East and west, between in and out. I still ponder that I have arrived in a place that truthfully I can express my experiences as an observer in a book, in a song.

I do not know or understand the reasons of so much talk, so much new edge teachers. For me, life was and still is the teacher. And God, is much more than our believes, concepts, logics and stories of love and compassion.

Love is a place full of fragrance, it is a magical, because you never really talk about it, you never really sees it because when it appears, its magic is gone. Enlightenment and awakening does not occur with words and through words. It is a journey that must be taken and if you really arrive to its Nirvana, your presence speaks than anything else.

I found poetry is the closest way to sing and share my love for God, humanity and beauty. I became less and less interested in running workshops and courses. I feel, perhaps it was my vanity trying to proof that I am a teacher, or a coach perhaps.

Everyday we have the opportunity to learn something new and profound of how we conduct our way of being. I have returned to writing more of full time basis and not sure what will happen next, I think for the rest of my time on earth, I will live as a poem as a dancer and maybe a passionate inspiration.

Life is a teacher, God is the GURU, love is everything…

Serena is a  humble pen.





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