Beyond illusion love flows

Beautiful River Wallpaper (20)

Everything speaks of you. All seen and unseen speak of your internal dialogue, how thoughts and feelings associates in your body and consciousness.

 It can be overwhelming to see the possibility of living in a room with mirrors everywhere. Only reflections of who you think or feel you are. And it is gets heavy to breathe and accept that you are the creator of your world.

It is like a composer, playing with recognized notes but every time a new music or song is manifested by chaos between there notes relation.

 It is difficult to hear yourselves in front of what is shown, especially if it pulling strings of your heart. Pain and hardships of life, make you pause and ask what have I done to deserve this? But how true is that? Behind our sense of discomfort, not believing what we see in the mirror of the world is an unloved and unattended feeling related to a story which have been played over and over in your mind.

Do not disregards your feelings, no matter how uncomfortable or even painful they are.  Osho said: This is the only distinction between the dream and the real; reality allows you to doubt, and the dream does not allow you to doubt.

The outer world is a reflection of this illusionary reality constantly changing, it is part of a dream of living but the true reality is within you. When you sit with our pain, patiently, lovingly, they open a window into a new understanding which helps you along the way to drop your opinions and judgment toward the outer reality and see it with an observant eyes and if you wish to manifest a different experience, you must be brave to look into yourself without having a story attached to your current happening.

Beneath the rooms, the house and landscapes, within us flows a warm nurturing river of love, offers clarity and space, to hear the every note of your inner music. You are accepted, worthy and strong to be who you are. Inside this chaos of mirrors into mirrors, you have the opportunity to heal yourself, perhaps an old deep and forgotten wound is waiting to heard, embraced. The lost part, the painful separation of wholeness could be amend, in the face of not wanting, you can return to calm and peace of desiring your entire being, by just a moment pause into your feelings.

Let them come, the hurt and tears of betrayal. Fire and rage of injustice, unwanted  sadness of a lifetime isolation imposed. You have a room for all that, let the dream dies in the heart of your truth. No one but you can do that.  This healing is the beginning of returning to you. The world will be still there, mirrors are always there, but you are not going to find anything in them. When you return to your essence, outer reality has nothing to show anymore. Your eyes only see and feel love and as soon as something un-perfect arrives, your heart gently transforms it to love and acceptance, as you no longer been pulled, put down, walked on by outer reality. You choose different, you choose yourself.

The nature of flow always takes to peace, trusting the support of life, being receptive to all happening and have the power to find answers by delving in heart of love.

No one can claim your life,

In foam and dust

Honor your heart.

Earth and sky

Pathways to be infinite and free.

Release fears and pain

Shine your truth and transform your life.

Serena Devi  

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