Listening is a quality which required patience and practice. We go through our days listening to every sound and noise. It actually takes place without we even realize it. Our mind has developed filters over time to let some sounds arrive and others we might never listen. The nature state of our ears are hearing, but listening is a deeper journey into awareness and connections.

I used to hear everything, but had no understanding of listening. In coaching we have three levels of listening, but I rather not categorize it, I like to see listening as an ART. A way of creating, a bridge between me and the outer world.

Silence plays a big part on this art, unless we have expanded in silence of our being, it will be almost impossible to pass through the mind chatter box and actually connect through listening.

I have been meditation over the last 30 years, it was on and off in the beginning but for the last 20 years, it is part of my daily ritual of waking up to beauty of life, on my own inner feelings and space. It was through meditation I began to learn how space, silence and listening are all intertwined in the web of awareness.

When we listen, we move into passive mode, become receptive, it creates and opening in the moment, an invitation to discover of what has not appeared. Like a small bud, waiting, for her moment. The little bud is completely surrender to life, listening to depth of nature in her small vulnerable presence. She sinks in the silence gracefully. Her existence belongs to that space of bloom, listening is the art of receptivity, life, yourself and all possibilities come with you sit in silence and listen. You and universe in that moment speak the same vibration and language. Your songs come together and the deeper you listen, the more tune in your entire life becomes.

Listening is a force of nature working in receptive mode, like feminine energy, the more fluid it becomes, easier it moves and creates.

Most of us develop a sense of masculine energy/doer at early age, despite our gender, the modern world force us to become over active on daily basis. Either our mind is over loaded or our body needs to be exhausted. It seems, we refuse to listen to pulse of nature within, we rather hear noises of chaos and be relatively functional than really give ourselves space to be still, to listen. Resting in our feminine side is a challenge for both genders. The condition of earth we experience today is the result of this inability and disconnection. Feminine invites life in, listening only happens when you surrender yourself to not knowing, not forcing, not directing. Just total openness.

Not necessary listen to sound, words, music, just listen to what it is here, your body, your breath, your entire intelligence respond when your listen.

You wake up without a rush, a need to do anything. You can have your tasks list, but you listen to that intelligence which communicate in silence. That is how effortless flowers blossoms, how rivers find their way to ocean. This is the magic of listening.

Be inspired today, to listen passively, let  thoughts  in your mind pass, like a clouds in sky. Instead of a loud music, choose something mellow, soft. Take off few items out of your tasks list, give yourself the gift of time, a space that you can sit and do nothing. And practice the art of listening, listen to your husband, to your children. Even the angry driver, pass the surface of noise and go in, listening is a treasure map to take you to hidden gems.

It is the most intimate touch of life, choose how you want to be touched and so be it.

Serena Devi


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