Rainy days


We sit silently in rain in wonder of its beauty and mystery,

How it arrives and how magically it changes sky, lands, next door neighbor flower’s pot.

How suddenly seagulls get quiet and how strangely pedestrians disappear.

When wet leaves of tall trees dance with music of winds, how simply the beating of life

Moves, transforms and create magic.

 I love rainy days, when the best thing is to pick up my pen and find a small sanctuary, where my share of window is as vast as the size of my heart and yet it feels, I am holding the whole universe within.

When part of me gently, shyly, full of uncertainty approaches another part, where my soul lips touch every corner of my face and I just want to become more receptive. Where, I no longer feel my human borders and stories. It feels, my every words are purified in raindrops, in soundless pounding of my heart, ah.. how much I love, How deep love stirs this body, this woman who has been travelling  in my shoes.

Do I need reasons to live life, do I seek  goals, achievements or unending list of desires to feel who I am, the constant change of lakes and pools, the beautiful flight of a wild geese into another unknown day, the shower of rain of open petals of love.

All secrets end in the heart, all beauty and magic that life could offers and a heart could receive and hold. The phenomenon, the Masterpiece, the meeting place of Galaxies, the humble house of a friend, where rain falls and wash all worries, fears, doubts and depressed moments, where one part of self leaves and the other unveil her sunny smiles. Where I die over and over, for Truth to live forever.

Today, I sat in heart of rain, without knowing where the music will take me, am I really at the edge of my final flight. How important my story is? Am a lover, a story teller, a Poet, a woman in search of a true love, what could I teach, what lessons are left?

 What this “here” means to me? What am I inviting in my life? What I wish to see disappears by the next exhale… all questions are open gates to become more receptive, to land and rest in Divine love and stop trying to make sense of my situation, stop trying to find ways out of “here”. Let here comes, let it even breaks my hope for future, whose future am I looking at? When I am in forever becoming, like waves of ocean, tides moves me… it is no longer question or desire of close or far, now or then. It is about purifying every cell of light, within.. it is not about stories and plans, having income and rent a flat, make a living and feel secure. I have done all that… None brought me any peace, or sense of joy.

Today, under the shower of rain, my heart falls, falls without a  safety net, into ocean of feelings, emotions, lost dreams and scattered plans, facing my life uncertainties, knowing and believing my abilities and talents, my flawless determination, none, can take me out of this rain, this must come, must fall on my heart, heart and a bare soul. I have no way out of this moment, except becoming soft, receptive, let the heat of alchemy finishes the last phase of integrating. I am standing alone on Earth, knowing the  old way of earthy doing is over, from this moment on, only Authentic power of my Soul could creates, attracts and carry forward.

Under the shower of rain, I give birth to the greatest miracle of my life, The return of the Goddess, The Mother of All.

Open to the time of glory, magic and power beyond believes, open your heart and become as receptive as possible, in every moment. Allow her beauty, gentleness, love and compassion, wisdom and strength 

Patient and humor, melts your heart. It is the era of Heart, the true guardian of the Truth.

Let all old patterns and ways of thinking, acting and analyzing ends, trust your heart, listen, listen to its silent words. It is the Silent Force rising in you, in me, in humanity right now.

As I am ending this sharing, I join the dance of leaves, falling deeper and deeper in love. In my pathless journey to experience myself in each inhale and exhale, to cherish what my eyes see, to express my imperfection in a perfect reflection. To not just love, but be love.

 About all, just to be fully Alive, grateful and receptive.

Serena Devi

3 responses to “Rainy days”

  1. As long as one is transparent to one’s self, I think.

  2. Thank you Chagall, transparency is a space I hope to live forever in. ❤

  3. Very beautiful writing to very truthfully narrate a fascinating stream of perception. —CC

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