A Gate, A Bridge, The crossing


Life is a gate leading us to a bridge. The bridge is neither within, nor without. It is beyond us, beyond our human walk and vision.We do not see the bridge, we hear the music, and we smell the fragrance of gardens beyond it. This bridge only appears when the time is close to crossing.

The deeper we travel into our heart, the closer or senses invite us to move through the gate. What do we call this bridge? It is forbidden in many cultures to inquire about it, ask for information and clarity.  

It is taboo, it is the deepest fear of human kind. Many people sits lifeless at the gate, pretending going through a list of activities, jumping from gym to work, from work to bar, from bar to home of anonymous body, having sex, then tomorrow.

The next day is a new list, new activities, going through page by page. Line by line, after a very long hard year, taking a two weeks holiday. More drinking, more f***, more numbing of senses.

And their mistake is to take the gate as a bridge. They never entered, never passed, never paused, and never realized. Life is a gate, while the longer journey is ahead, the journey crossing the bridge.

And by the time, they realize they never passed through the gate, the bridge has appeared and no listed task could keep them at this side of the bridge, something else is moving them, beyond their understanding. Beyond their control.

We see the appearing of the bridge as death, the greatest fear of humanity. It cripples hearts, even the bravest ones, fear death. And that is just the first step on a bridge.  There will be more gates on a bridge, no one sees the ending of the bridge. Again, they sit by the next gate, thinking they are crossing, their primary thought is to go by a new list. This time, they might decorate it better, add few new things, and take off some old boring repetition.

I found a great consultant in death. I spent many times in silent, face to face with death, asking questions, as something in me was different from the beginning of my separate self. I knew about the bridge, I knew life as mazing and as spontaneous is, is just the beginning. I never sat with a list. I sat with feelings, and feeling were running deep. They brought messages which I did not understand at the beginning, but later on, while I began dancing, my heart started unveiling visions of what resides beyond the gates, beyond the bridge.

I could not trust my visions, as all I could see, everyone in my society had a list of doings, and they had their heads down, screaming at each other, circling like a mad in a box, while I could see the sky without borders. I could see light, heaven, I could hear the sound of magic in my own veins, pulsing, calling me beyond the bridge.

I began asking the gate, how do I cross the bridge? Show me what is there… The gate is always echoing, gentle or loud, our own voice back to us. I saw the tears in her eyes, the squeezed bricks trying to break free. I saw all of me in the gate, standing in front of me. We were one, it was not just me trying to pass the gate also wanted to be free.

By now, do you see the bigger image of life and death, the samsara, reincarnation. The repeating cycle of death and life. Spirit is not a story or only happens to aware people. It is happening, while you f*** your way into life, spirit is holding all. I rarely use the f word, but that is the pure truth of what humanity does to humanity. We no longer understand the gentleness, this mental violence is everywhere. In our schools, in our relationships, in the way eve new connect with God and creation. This poison is all we learn from our parents and societies. And then we get so fearful by thinking of death! So, we hide it, we hide the most important consultation of our lives, into dark. Faking death in every act we take. We call death, the lord of Dark, while it is our own lack of light that created all fears and horror.

Death is the sweetest music of awareness. Listen to it, wake up!

The bridge is eternal unless, you see its illusion. No one needs to die, to go through so much fear from death while one shift in perception removes all the gates, carry us gracefully on the bridge, into the gardens of beyond. If we learn to unlearn everything on our lists. Forget all social education of the fake life, do, do, do without a moment of silence, humanity is lost.

Some believe in spiritual teachings, some people use awareness to sell products, it is still no difference from the( to do list) of the old paradigm. Only take the experience, and be your own authority of how you relate to it. Invite silence in your life, than teachers. Invite aloneness than company. Invite nature more and more. And observe, observe the unfolding in you.

To see beyond eyes and mind, requires years of silence, of aloneness, of pure experience of no-thing. This is not possible by attending workshops, retreats, having a guru at hand and thinking you can cheat on gates, you can cheat the bridge into revealing the end.

I have no idea, who writes here. Whatever comes these days have no signature of a person I used to be. And I do not know, if any of person is left here. I changed my birth name about 7 years ago, as it no longer resonated with what I was there and then. Today, I feel, I want to even drop this name. This face.

Ask yourself, how much of you is shaped by doings that you do not or feel align with and still you go through daily believing you have to pay for your bills, buy your food, have a shelter. I had an unbelievable fear of surviving all of my life. I never saw myself worthy of living. I have been working since mid twenties to free myself of any independency and when the spiritual emergency began in 2008, I let go of all idea I had of how my life should look like. One of the patterns still coming is this need to feel in charge of my own living. Earn and pay my life without asking others for support. This has been the greatest fear of my life, death was never scary for me, actually was my best companion over the loneliness that led me to seek understanding, to seek God.

But the fear of physical surviving became the greatest challenge over the last 10 years and this month, I finally saw the illusion of my own thinking, mirrored and manifested over and over through painful lessons to show me, my to do list, to show me, my fake life.

So, I am dropping all ideas of how to make money to pay my rent, my bills and other things. As nothing so far happens in the way my personality directed her actions.

I want to meet the ending of the bridge, into the beyond and this life is the last gate for me and many others if we wish to die awaken, we can fly through the gate, fly over the bridge, no walking even is required.

Being awake is the hardest of all tasks!! It requires full intimacy with self, complete trust to unknown. When there is no inner movement, then there will be no outer movement. it is not about waiting for things to happen to us. Life happens. The Gate is open. Crossing is one step at the time, one full aware moment at the time. Then all activities is a music, playing in you, through you and in the process, body will die and you continue crossing.

This crossing is breathing of god through creation. I used the bridge and the gates metaphor to show only the difference in the world of matter, in the world of spirit, all is one, all is timeless. All is here, right now, because you are here.

Death is your opportunity to complete the dream of life, be expressed in all joyful forms, and stay formless, boundless and innocent. Only innocent mind can perceive truth. We are returning to that moment of time, it is within spiral cycles, no ending, no beginning.

This is the paradox, the words are too shallow and limited to grasp such experience, please trust your heart over every word within and with out.

Universe is our home, death is our shadow, love is our existence.

God is you.

Wake up! Wake up!


Serena Devi