Touch & fall in love with here!


Slow down, be here. Fall in love with here.

With all of your feelings, resistance and hopes. You have tried everything to avoid being here.

Feel what you feel and be okay with it. It is hard and sometime overwhelming when you feel helpless and alone.  You want to be heard, accepted and helped. Start being the help, being the listener.

It might be strange or awkward to sit alone, with no distraction and heart full of emotions. It might feel tight and you become breathless. Stay in that not knowing of what is taking place. Stay with your heart.

Heart is the true guide when you begin listening, it shows gentleness, patience and no judgment. It becomes your best friend, it takes time to develop the relation and have it established, the level of your listening changes.

Be here, in your breathing. Feel your body, is it vast o there is tightness in your chest. Can you trust your heart? We talk about love a lot and many seek love in relationships. But what we really want to feel? It is not others that bring feelings of love or joy. We are not feeling through their body, we are listening to our own.

The world is busy and fast and probably it will stays that way, until you choose to connect at a different speed and with a new eyes.

To have our seeking answered, we need to stay in present. And listen. Not to our chatter box in head, but to a deeper river, running inside our senses, feelings. Heart is a Kingdom with much of a border or a king. It is a ruler in disguised. It never speaks loud, never blames. Never try to make you do things you do not want.  It is like a hidden well, always offering pure and chilled water. It is full and the sane time empty to be filled with most profound emotions waiting to be explored.

When we seek love, we are really looking for ways to connect with our heart. Love is fueled by passion and energy beyond mind understanding, if these days love is disfigured and sold as a product, the fault lies in human’s mind and it need to control and rule while its true purpose is to be servant of Heart.

Slowing down, creates space, give time to process emotions. Some runs deep, we call them feelings and some, only rise in a momentary touch of current and our responds.

Coming back to heart, opens many locked parts of you. The one diminished and shunned by mind through growing up and being forced to live small and be limited and separated.

Come back to present, gently hold your hands, look at them, touch them, feel them. You move them so easy in all direction you wish to. You have 27 bones in each hand. Spend time to connect with your hand, it is easy because you can see it, touch it and understand how beautifully they move through you without thinking or ordering them, feel this oneness. And still not man of us can play piano! Or paint! And why is that? Where the capability comes from? Any child can develop skills by being taught and practice. And it the genius of her/his heart fuels the skill, the doer become a universal vessel of flow intelligent flow.

Mozart, Einstein, Beethoven, Van Gogh, all were connected to energy of their hearts. The basically fell in love with the happening within them. We see and hear their master pieces, but not see the effortless movement of love in their hearts. Their finger moved on a piano or a canvas, as effortless as yours. The difference is the depth of their listening to their own essence through their heart.

No one can love you but yourself. All offered emotions are secondary, the experience is within you that manifests true love. This the disfigures senses of love by media and storytellers, making you believe others can love you, or you need their love. Love meets love, that is true. But if you do not have love in you, no one can give it to you. To feel love, you need to find the inner well, drink from it, sit patiently beside its tender movement of flow. Long enough to wash your senses, refresh your skin of knowing. Let life settles in you. Your body is a true master piece, anything you want to practice, you already have it within.

Begin with your hands, listen to their story, appreciate their movement, to type your letters, to wash your hair, to play tennis. To move in the air when you are dancing. Appreciate them with their touching others and inviting their touch on your skin.

Now, sit with your heart, listen, let it be touched by your silence, feel it in your chest, all feelings, good or bad, joy or suffering, all the roads end in your heart.

This is where you begin to unlearn about love and start all over with a genuine love. Heart and love goes together and they make magic every step of your way, into life, into a new day.

Start today, from present you master everything you are. The sense of you, begins here, not in the past of future plans or dreams. Become intimate with you, from the touch of your finger or a heartfelt tear.

Live as who you are and not what you think you are.

And when you really fall in love with your beauty and grace, your smile touches everything in the world and it comes to you, everything you wish comes to you.

 Serena Devi