The Unknown heart


Longing has a key to inner chambers of heart. A place away from all noises and worries. A sense of stillness while life passes through the windows.  Suddenly from no place of understanding, flowers in the vase catch their breaths in joy of this momentary touch of breeze. Heart knows the intimacy of touch. The gentle space before waking up, while senses are still moving from dark to mystical light, approaching the new wanders of a day.

Perhaps illumination is a calling that heart could not resist. Desires to seek beauty and embrace love.

To see herself in mirrors. Recognizes and responds. The lotus flower seems appropriate name for the rise of light from the unattended darkness inside. To feel the intensity of courage and faith, in what shapes this simple move, is a divine gift.

Hearth is a place of resting, receiving self. When everything else falls behind the silence of acceptance, joy begins her journey to life, reaching in harmony united with entire universe. It is a graceful moment, to sit in heart and see the unveiled beauty of entire creation, inside.

Concealed in forgotten wounds of earth, chained to darkness of fear and separation, heart shrinks to her small sense of self. Longing is a conversation facing outward. However it is only in returning to who we are, we find our way back into free flow, away from thoughts, living the experience as it rises like a lotus from the center of our being.

Love is the fruit of heart, carved and penetrated by sharp edges of longing. In depth of forests of our feelings, we discover blessings of inquiry and reflection of heart. A life bearer of divine fluid in luminous dream of love.

 In some theories, life is the journey unfolding solely in our heart. We choose the hard path of sacrifice, rules and rituals and disciplined practices to give ourselves permission to be worthy of here, to receive what rightfully was always ours. And entry to the world from the heart. While only accepting present is the bridge to find this treasure land.

Heart only yields in front of Truth. Only unlocks the mystery of God, when we entre pure and open into her wilderness and power of all possibilities.

Could we ever embrace the simplicity of this knowing, the secret of Elsewhere brings forward the kingdom of authenticity of self.  Silence is a quiet mountain, behind all roads, hidden in purple mist of dawn.

Sound of our voice, a sweet touch of beauty shaping the night, moon and destiny of a unique song.  Life is a daily invite to sing a song, without rehearsal of mind. Without attachment to music and words. A true art of blessing is resting in the heart.

Yearning is the most valuable gift of polarity. Desires are arrows aiming moving targets, practicing excellence of our feelings. We move from noise to silence, from addiction to choice. The lonesome heart and her hundred cracks are the opening into the secret path of love.

We leave behind our imagination, our expectation. Everything becomes light and illuminating deeper into sense of self. It is a gentle homecoming if space and time is allowed. Or it could be battlefields, of blood and fire. The final chapters of sacrifice and carrying cross, ends in eternal depth of moment, receiving and loving self, rest in not knowing of heart.

We do not asked to figure anything out. Thoughts are passing clouds, lightness and fluffiness is their nature. Earth is a promised land.

 Nature is awaken in capacity of full receptivity and delight of receiving and participating without attachment, following the simplicity lies within the core of life.

Clear silence cleans our hearts and awakes our sense of self, washes our skin and heal our wounds. Silence is wind passing through the chambers of heart, the beginning ache of longing, now is turning to divine music, with more silence, only Voice of God is left. Only love is left.

The injustice of childhood, the unfair game of power, the loss of loved ones, the fear of turning away, the unworthiness of skin, all burnt and vanished in one blow of love.

Come home, arrive to this moment, fully aware of not knowing, fully aware this is not your life, you are life.

Come home to gratitude, to nature of breath. To silence of heart, to vastness, to oneness.

The hunting is over, the wide open heart is your feast. The ruined idea of how life should look like is the landscape of a new kingdom of heaven.

May you receive the fruit of your heart, the gift of loving yourself.

May what has been waiting in you, arrives in your breath.

May the darkness in you, gives birth to hidden illuminated self.

May you recognize the miracle of being here, and being you?

May you receive your graceful self, here and now?