April 2017- to all light workers


Spring is a promise of a new encounters

On peak of every leaf anticipation grows

Sun stays longer in sky of happening

And lovers begin exchange glances.

April, is a secret pathway between what is gone

And what enters gently into senses of earth.


The ripened forgotten leafs reborn

With warmth of sun. Nature’s music is like a young lover,

Melted in desire of receiving!

How much depth is required to receive the beauty of life

Hidden inside our unified hearts?

April is soft delicious touch of God inside womb of earth.

Coming back to raw fertile waiting of new seeds to stand on their ground.

April is the month of lovers, seekers and burned seers.

Every morning sky and earth kiss each other lips,

Heaven is born!

The crown above the forests shines in glory and joy.

Land is chanted and free of songs of dark.

Behind hills, valleys and faraway bridges,

Children build their dream house on sands,

Mystics walk on water and lilies reach for lips of sun.

My beloved, April is the ending of sorrow and struggle.

The planted seeds, rise above the wastelands, proud and humbled

Tear drops of morning bliss on their leafs,

Remembering all there is.

My beloved, April is our wedding!

Water, tree, sound of sparrows and tears of love,

Offering of morning sun and letting go of all clouds and mists.

Wind kneels in front of devoted hearts of lovers,

Finally holding your hand, touching your face, melting in your smile.

Heaven is here, the music of our hearts are secret vows of creation.

April is the celebration month of lovers, pledged and sacrificed everything;

To be here, in present.

Receiving love of above and below,

In one selfless act.

Surrendering to fire and passion of loving all.

Earth is unifying in total silence,

Hear the beating of our hearts, our desires to meet you in Self.

Touch us with mystery of oneness,

Embrace us like the sun and moonlight, like ocean waves.

Like a lover returned home after trails of many life times…

April is our wedding.

We rest in peace, in your eternal embrace.

We are unified Gods and Goddesses,

Pillars of light and courage.

We are Standing Silent Witnesses of Presence.

We are love of God.

Serena Devi