Meeting love in Now.


TwinsoulSometimes to move forward we need to step back and remember our path to falling in love with Now and Present.
My experiences of who I am and what I am here to do/be constantly helps me to learn deeper to come to present and also stay activated in my heart.
The first pastel painting I made after 15 years not creating at all. The Pastel work is infused by love of Twinflame after our meeting in San Francisco in 2008. 
The Colourful one, lovers is with Gauche on paper and I painted last year aligned with my heart vibration at the time. Same love still flows in my vein, however vibration is constantly rising and I want instead of painting, actually manifest the true essence of I AM, which will lead to complete freedom and true love.
I wish the same for all light workers and seekers of truth. This hasn’t been an easy path for the ones who are initiated from heart and devotion to the Beloved. I truly want to live the life I love and Be love and share it with all creation.

In love, in gratitude



P.S Both Art works are copy right, please do not copy!

The lovers painting is for sale on art finder.