My true love

​I ask myself, what my heart already knows.

I love Him, I love Him

The one inside me, love breaks my heart 

and I learn from the edge of pain to curvy line of dreams.

I love him, my forever soul.

Today, more than ever.

Come back and rise from my core

I am lost in mist and fog of my feelings.

Come back and hold your woman,

clear her tears with your touch

how wrong I was in listening to my mind,

Fragile moments of truth,

when silence is the only refuge.

Could we begin again, like a new seed out of the spring,

let me rest inside the warm of your land

nude and open, between soft green leaves

where wind and sun know all the secret

of my heart.

I ask myself, what has changed, is it within or out?

My heart, my tears, my unsaid words,

are vanished in one fragile moment of knowing 

that I love him, as he loves me, in forever dance of life.

One soul is merging, I see it now…I am it Now.

So let universe plays and I smile,

Universe plays and I cry.

Universe love and I disappear in joy of oneness.

Ah, I know now. my forever love is here.

Serena Devi