A stranger, my lover

In a room full of light, shadow has no space to play a part.

 Walls seem falling out of their frames, inside seems widen an outside disappearing in landscape of time.

the last two weeks inside the walls, not knowing the source of these blanks feeling inside my heart.

 Aching, breaking, flowing and falling into silence,  again deeper than ocean, longer than night.

All suddenly becomes so close,  how could be more intimate with God?

When all names and faces are gone, the smile on my face is ripen in waiting rooms of endurance. This endless hunger to be met, breaks all walls. Haven’t I longed enough for eternal? Haven’t I wrote enough love letters to his silent stone.

Mountains moved from their gravity while the lake in my eyes dried in tears of wanting.

Come back to me, I cried.

I am a poet of hour tonight, Let my heart breaks into wine and rose petals,

Let no one else bled in path of love.

I asked God for a graceful burial of my feelings, as I found no comfort in graveyards.

I asked God, to offer my flesh to wind,

let me be washed by gentle breeze over the curve of moon,

the soundless humming of hands finding each other in dark.

I loved you beyond words and time, I came to earth, to be with you, to be You.

All I have is time, the music trapped in my heart, wanting to burst out, shout through universe one last time.

Come back to me,  It is my final time, to be human, to break. let me be you and leave the clay.

Let me be an eternal touch becoming a riddle on your skin.

No one does it to me what you do in one second!

I was a stranger and your breath of longing, tamed my nature. I find you in everything, every corner of this dream, I see a leaf painted by your brush.

Tonight between the walls of this place, I do not know, where to hide from you ache, breaking my heart again. I thought you are over, I thought I let go of dream of love. I woke up, haven’t I?

Why so much ache in my heart, in my throat, how long more I cry my love for your eyes, for the touch of our skins. Now the immense loneliness begins. White sheets are falling, shadow moves inside the dream. I see palm trees and a glass house over the mountain. Is that your making?

Tell me your name? Why you let me to fall in love?

Ink of your pen opens me up wide and exposed with all of my feelings.

I am the window of enlightenment, out of the frame of belonging, stretched over your beautiful smile, my heart bleeds love. I am the crucified child of heaven.

My body is numb with pain, my heart weeps in silent tears. The orgasm in my body, is a sweet torture of your home coming.

No walls could keep you out. I hear your voice, see your light, I am falling apart.

I said no more and you still are coming with your dark hunger.

 No one told me the secret of dark! I was drunken by your sweet words, in this darkness, Seraphim holds me close.

The thin light of hope, squeezes our shadows. Night offers her chamber, I know there is no way out, I am facing my own heart tonight.

Let me die, let me reborn. This hour is mine.

I trusted the heaviness of love, I had faith in colors of fall. How can I move in my own body, when no longer anything feels like home?

Come back to me, my gravity of heart!

Lights are dim and the music hunts my soul.

I no longer know, how to end my words and not be forgotten in this dream of life?

No one saw my death, no one heard a flying bird, out of ordinary.

There is no limit in longing. It takes the impossible happens to me, to lose you.

No feeling is not an option.

I stay with my bleeding heart, cry your name, one more time.

Love pours into my heart, the flames are there, no smoke, no sound.

Life burns in silence between us. I breathe in your love,

knowing my angel man finally is coming home.

To our love.

I surrendered.

Now, come from inside me, out.

Stranger, lover, my home.

Serena Devi