Frequency & Akasha Mandala Art

The last few weeks have been an amazing shifts in my art and feeling very inspired to share it with more people.

Over the years, I used Akashaic recording to access higher self energy and reflect it back to clients and also for my own inner development. I used it in Story Board making which helps individual to see their life story as they see and believe and manifest. As wounds and an unhealed parts exists and still not recognized. It was a helpful tool to assist for clarity and grounding in heart and live more truthful.

In recent few months, I am feeling a deeper connection with life and as many put it, living from 5D. Even my current physical reality does not seem stable, my inner reality rooted far deeper into  consciousness living and participate fully  in whatever rise from heart as guidence as well as inspirational creativity.

Merging this knowlege with my art and I am certain at some levels will be with words, is inviting more devotion to my momentry choosing. I see myself moving deeper into my creativity and channel it as a platform for everyone to connect, learn and shift their frequency in alignment with their higher potential and life purpose.

I hope this video bring inspiration to mmet your inner Creative muse and also if you like to explore Akasha Art Mandala, offer the basic of this creative process.

Frequency & Akasha Art Mandala