Herioc Quest

Wishing a truthful Saturday to all.

~ Heroic Quest ~

A Hero lives within each of us and when activated, she/he leads us to embracing the invisible and unknown parts of our life journey.

The quest seems  full of danger, tests, pitfalls and sacrifices and yet all rising opportunities offer rewards of self realisation and mystery of our souls creative nature.

Living as a hero asks for a full commitment to path of truth. To be fully available for divine service and not own ideas of service and preferences.

We are here to experience our heroic quest into unconditional flow of life, leap fearlessly at the edge of unknown and face whatever we need to face which is more rooted internal (manifested external)  and trust we will receive all that is required to slay the dragon, to free the nature of love, to stand alone and die alone for all there is known as Divine and still in process of coming to our understanding as conscious species and evolution of soul of one. 

We are here to learn about our true nature, our pure essence and be prepare to let go of the world of visible for the sake of our inner guidance of soul, to give life to a new truth. The mystery of lifetimes are unfolding in this time and space and it is our duty to embrace the unknown and not by hope, not by talk and even not by action, but complete faith and surrendering to nature of a Hero.

To serve God, we have to become that hero. Ready to die every moment, to live eternal.

With love

Serena ❤