Making love to present


Life has become a vast space allowing all happening, love no longer is a need, lust or desire. Love is sacred place to meet every part of yourself within mirror of the world. Your heart feels vulnerable and transparent most of the time, but you are not running away from feeling, you feel presence moment by moment and as every day arrives, you renew your senses by embracing where YOU ARE  with no reservation.

In totality of each moment, you stay intimate with your feelings and emotions and go beyond surface story, beyond what the mirror shows and how you  choose to translate every event and person.

Life no longer needs to be perfect or purposeful. Life is a joy of presence, the greatest learning was and is, to feel sexual, sensual or loving, and you don’t need to be with another. You are enough, today is enough and far more than that, is a mystery that drives your passion and creative force to stay aware and loving and let it merge with magic and anticipation to create something magnificent and simple, from baking a bread to writing a poem. From morning shower to kissing the beloved’s lips.

Life is a constant openness to this mesmerizing landscape, feelings, emotions, colors, verity, mystery, transformation. Life is a rendezvous with Now, to make love.

Serena Devi

Photo : copy right to Author